Skipper Paper Dolls (Whitman, 1976)

I love this! I remember something similar from my childhood.

Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter

Today, I wanted to show you one of my favorite Skipper paper doll sets. Made by Whitman in 1976, this set features an adorable Skipper doll designed to wear some stylish fashions.

I love how innocent Skipper looks in this box art. It reminds me of what Quick Curl Skipper would look like drawn. The paper doll packaged with this set, however, reminds me more of a Living Skipper. The freckles on her face are probably my favorite thing about this design. Below are some of the fashions Skipper comes with. (My set is missing a tutu outfit.)

Super casual, but super cute! Mattel, can you make Skipper’s orange shirt in my size?

I love this red baby doll outfit!

The orange alphabet outfit is another favorite of mine!

Such a fun bathing suit and cover!

The coat and skirt above is totally something I’d try on!

Which is your…

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2 thoughts on “Skipper Paper Dolls (Whitman, 1976)

  1. goodness me! what care you took of your Skipper doll as a child!
    Her outfits are all so 70s lol . . . I think my favourite has to be the swimsuit and little jacket.


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