The psychology of play

Yesterday, i was very stressed, and I decided To change Aimee.

I felt so much better, the stress just melted away, as I prepared and changed her. I wondered what was happening, so I looked it up .

It seems adults need to make time for play, because it releases endorphins (happy hormones) . For example, men with train sets, desk toys (like those magnetic balls, etc) and board games, or even word searches, or anything else that just lets you relax, and de stress.

This gives the brain chance to relax, and when playing games with others it is very therapeutic and allows for bonding and communication.

This might be why clubs that have game afternoons etc do so well!

You might want to read this:

So the next time someone asks you about such things, show them this 😉


Sunday Sleeper/OOTD

Here’s Aimee Marie in her new sleeper with matching hat. I bought this last weekend from a boot fair, with another one and some onesies.

It’s got tiny little pink hearts on it. I thought it was a pretty set.

Here’s the outfit of the day- it’s quite chilly here, and a little windy, so she’s got her thick cardigan on over her t shirt, and some grey leggings.

I’m really looking forward to putting her in dresses!

I hope it warms up soon and that you’ve had a good Sunday!