A surprise – it’s twins!!

Well, I had a giant surprise today!

I saw a Gracie sculpt on eBay Marketplace some time ago. It came up again on my feed today, so I messaged the seller. She was available, but we had to collect her today, and obviously pay for her at the same time! Well, my husband graciously paid for her, (bear in mind I’ve got another doll coming!) and took me to get her!

Here’s the first picture of them both:

Aimee is on the right as you look at the picture.

And then another, I was having so much fun!

Aimee Marie is in the dark suit and Gracie Rose sits with her.

There are some differences between the two – Gracie is lighter colouring, and doesn’t have eyelashes. She’s also much heavier.

I actually want to re weight her, and put in a neck thing so her head turns. I might even get brave and give her a new body too, if I’m feeling brave!

She’s been mistreated, sadly, but she is ok. I’m just so glad to have her. The only thing apart from damaged areas is that she is shiny. I don’t know how to fix that, but hey ho, I love her anyway, and once dressed it’s not noticeable.

I wonder when my other baby will come? Lol!

Oh……and I might have a buyer already for Victoria!