Sunday Sleeper/OOTD

Here’s Aimee Marie in her new sleeper with matching hat. I bought this last weekend from a boot fair, with another one and some onesies.

It’s got tiny little pink hearts on it. I thought it was a pretty set.

Here’s the outfit of the day- it’s quite chilly here, and a little windy, so she’s got her thick cardigan on over her t shirt, and some grey leggings.

I’m really looking forward to putting her in dresses!

I hope it warms up soon and that you’ve had a good Sunday!


Sleeper Sunday and reactions to reborns.

So, here’s my Victoria in her latest sleeper. We have dinosaurs of different colours along with tiny landscape elements. I thought it was fun, and I like dinosaurs though that might change if I ever bumped into one! (Good job they aren’t around now!)

Reactions to reborn dolls

Now, I know some people don’t like babies or are nervous of them. But dolls?

Why do I mention this?

Well, I’ve shown Aimee and Victoria to 3 people. Only one would get near them. The other two freaked out!

To me, they’re works of art, and very beautiful, especially Aimee who does look quite lifelike!

I suppose it’s a tribute to the artist that people freak out 🙂

Anyone else with Reborns experience the same thing? By the way, I don’t force them on people, they’ve asked to see them. Also, I’m trying to understand, and I’m not complaining, I just don’t get it, LOL!