Knitted dress and accessories from Aunty β€οΈ

Well, it’s been a busy week, but yesterday we got to go to Knit and natter. It’s the first time that Victoria has been out, and her Aunts loved her, holding her and cooing over her!

Aunty (the one who bought the shoes and hats the other day) generously made Victoria a whole outfit! I hadn’t seen it, and I wasn’t aware it was finished until yesterday!

We put the outfit on her, and even introduced her to Aunty’s dog (who sadly, is very ill). She seemed to cheer up, momentarily.

Here’s some pictures:

The beautiful, hand made outfit. There’s also mittens but they’re not finished yet.


So, we had a lovely time!

I’m making a ear warmer for Victoria, and Aunty gave me some beautiful buttons to decorate it πŸ™‚

A new Reborn doll ! I’m not sure!

So, beautiful people, I bought a new doll from eBay. It’s the Morgan Sculpt by Aleina Watterson.

I’m not sure if I like her or not! Ok, I think her shoulders look odd, and she’s way tinier than I expected, but….I can’t make my mind up about her! I don’t dislike her, but I don’t love her, either.

It feels odd. I was expecting to absolutely adore her. She cost enough ! One of her arms seems to go outward, if you see what I mean. I’m not sure it’s right.

However, I’m not saying the artist is wrong, or that her work is in any way substandard, because I’m not.

I think I’m the problem!

Have any of you felt like this? There’s no COA which is a little sad. It also means I don’t think I can sell her on if needed.

Your thoughts please?

Here she is, as yet unnamed:

Small Charity shop haul!

Well, I was lucky enough for to visit a charity shop I’ve wanted to go to for a while . I keep going past it, but never went in, until yesterday.

They have a bucket full of baby clothes, and I couldn’t resist!

So…I found this lovely set:

And this cute little vest – it says “mummy’s pretty little girl ”

These cost me Β£1:50 – bargain!

OOTD and Asda baby clothes !

I changed Victoria today, into this:

I love the way she looks in this. I was surprised how well it fits because I thought it would be too big for her.

Then I went shopping with my friend….and I bought this lot:

It wasn’t too expensive! I changed Victoria into the roses set:

I’m really pleased with it! I hope the other sets look as lovely! I may buy her the little coat too! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m hoping that I have big news tomorrow! Stay tuned, lol!

Take care!


A gift for Victoria!

On Saturday I went to Asda. I wanted some socks for Victoria, and found a pack of 3 for Β£3:00.

Tiny toes

She has cute feet, but they needed to be in socks!

Here’s the ones from Asda:

Socks – I’m not sure about the fit though!

So, I was sitting at home when her Auntie came round. She had bought Victoria a gift!

Don’t they look cute! Little sheep!

Here’s Victoria, in the clothes she came home in:

Doesn’t she look sweet!

Auntie also took her measurements…..I wonder what is coming next? She’s an amazing knitter so who knows!

Hello! Welcome to my blog/about me

Hello World!!! – an introduction

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I am a 50-something who collects dolls, (the sort that you play with) loves stationery, reading, art and journal writing and embracing my Inner Child.

I decided to start this blog when I got my first Ashton Drake Doll. I kind of felt they went together!

I have 4 dolls at the moment – 1 Ashton Drake (Pretty as a Princess – otherwise known as Victoria Elizabeth) 1 NPK doll – Isabella Rose, (selling!) and One boy doll (about to sell) and one Girl doll (about to sell).

I enjoy watching videos on YouTube, mostly of unboxing, doll collectors, role play, and art stuff.

I don’t envisage getting a whole nursery full of dolls, though i would like a toddler and perhaps one more Ashton Drake doll.

If you have a question, feel free to ask. If you are a doll collector then do say hello – Im not a member of any community so would welcome people who are collectors etc.