Gabriel has arrived!

Well, I never knew that Royal Mail came in the evening! So, it’s another surprise today:) (that’s two surprises in one week already !)

So, he came well packed….

I had to get a stanly knife to the box!

This is what I saw upon opening:

He was originally wearing girls clothes ( I got this doll second hand) but I’ve not put a picture up because I forgot to take one.

Here he is! And he is heavy and his body has been badly weighted. It’s like he has a brick in his bottom!

He isn’t a reborn in the true sense, but I do love his face !

I need to also modify him to put a neck ring on, Gracie needs one too, so its going to be a bit of an adventure as I’ve never reweighed a doll or modified one either!

I hope you like him!

Until next time…Cheryl


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