yet another haul and a photo shoot !!

All the clothes that I bought recently!

I had a doll clothes trying on session yesterday, since I bought more clothes on Friday! I really should stop buying baby clothes. Im running out of room! storage is at a premium and its getting even harder with my new hobby!!! Im cramming everything into my workroom and its getting a little too cosy LOL!!

I hope you like the pictures. Here’s how I am storing my girls:

This is actually a wash basket, since it is the easiest and cheapest option. Of course Id love to have a proper cot to show them off in but I just don’t have the room!!!

How do you store/display your babies? Id love to know!!!

I watched a brilliant video by Raendom Reborns on Youtube, and in it she tells some important information on storing reborns.

The Video Link is :

She also links to some articles about the subject.The best one in my humble opinion is :

This one

I hope all this info helps! it helped me (my wash basket has holes and is covered with a muslin cloth to keep the plastic away from direct contact with my girls.)

take care!


A surprise knitted hat and coat!

Well, I got a lovely surprise today! My friend came round because we were going to Dunelm (they do fabulous eclairs there).

Anyway, she walked through the door and handed me a plastic bag with this in it:

Isn’t it cute! She must knit fast, I didn’t even know she was doing it. I’ll take a picture of both girls in it.

Then we went out:

And yes, they were delicious!

That’s all for now


Victoria’s new outfit and a new baby in the basket :)

So, I couldn’t resist changing Victoria into the new romper:

She looks lovely in it, but I might have to change that nappy, she looks a bit odd 🙂

And……the stork came! I have a new baby!

Her name is currently Aimee, that’s the name the artist gave her. Not sure if I’ll keep the name or not.

Here’s a few pictures of her, but really they don’t do her justice!

Her hands and feet look a little strange because of the lighting. They’re actually stunning!

I actually got quite emotional when I saw her, she’s so realistic!

Eternal infants made her, they’re on eBay. The seller is dog_dog1234. Her sales and after sales service is fabulous and she has 100% feedback!

I hope you like all the pictures. I’ll probably take more pictures tomorrow because I’ll change “Aimee” then, after my friend has seen her:)

I’ve been shopping!

It was my friends birthday today, and it was a Milestone one! So, we went shopping at the range, hobbycraft and Poundland, and Asda.

I got lots of goodies:

The beautiful strawberry dress was bought by my friend, the other dungarees I bought. The cot blanket was only £4:00 but turned out to be a bit small, I’ll show you what I’m doing with it in a future post.

The nappies were not really what I wanted but I didn’t make it to Lidl where apparently Velcro nappies are sold.

The sheep toy and dummy were from Poundland. Although the sheep cost 2:00!

We did have a lovely day though !

First reborn Mother’s Day:) and Muslin Nappy!

So, it’s my first reborn Mother’s Day!

Here’s Victoria in her Mother’s Day t shirt!

I have heard that people suggest the nappies for babies aren’t good for Reborns, because of the glue used on the tapes. I don’t know if this is true, but to be on the safe side, I tried making a muslin nappy, following a tutorial on Pinterest:

Here’s how I got on:

I’m quite pleased with this. Even better that I got 3 designer muslin squares for £1:00!

Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating, and hugs to those who can’t celebrate this day. Xxx

The bouncing baby :)

Woo, it’s been a while!

I’ve been on holiday, hence the lack of posts.

I took Victoria with us. I’m very blessed to have a husband that didn’t mind her coming, and helped with posing her, looking for clothes, and even found her a baby bouncer to put her in!

So….here’s the pictures from our trip! It’s the first time I’ve taken a doll out, and although I didn’t quite make it to the “public ” stage, it was still fun!

Ready to go! It was very early when I took this picture, we had a long way to go!

A very tiring day:)

Well hello baby!

New dress! I love it, I think it suits her !

Everyday I’m cuddling ! A new onesie!

Another tiring day!

Going out again!

On the way home!

When we got home Aunty had finished the layette off! It’s also got mittens and leggings too!

And finally- in the bouncer that my husband found in a charity shop!

Sorry it’s so full of pictures! I hope you like them all!

Knitted dress and accessories from Aunty ❤️

Well, it’s been a busy week, but yesterday we got to go to Knit and natter. It’s the first time that Victoria has been out, and her Aunts loved her, holding her and cooing over her!

Aunty (the one who bought the shoes and hats the other day) generously made Victoria a whole outfit! I hadn’t seen it, and I wasn’t aware it was finished until yesterday!

We put the outfit on her, and even introduced her to Aunty’s dog (who sadly, is very ill). She seemed to cheer up, momentarily.

Here’s some pictures:

The beautiful, hand made outfit. There’s also mittens but they’re not finished yet.


So, we had a lovely time!

I’m making a ear warmer for Victoria, and Aunty gave me some beautiful buttons to decorate it 🙂

OOTD and Asda baby clothes !

I changed Victoria today, into this:

I love the way she looks in this. I was surprised how well it fits because I thought it would be too big for her.

Then I went shopping with my friend….and I bought this lot:

It wasn’t too expensive! I changed Victoria into the roses set:

I’m really pleased with it! I hope the other sets look as lovely! I may buy her the little coat too! 🙂

Anyway, I’m hoping that I have big news tomorrow! Stay tuned, lol!

Take care!


A gift for Victoria!

On Saturday I went to Asda. I wanted some socks for Victoria, and found a pack of 3 for £3:00.

Tiny toes

She has cute feet, but they needed to be in socks!

Here’s the ones from Asda:

Socks – I’m not sure about the fit though!

So, I was sitting at home when her Auntie came round. She had bought Victoria a gift!

Don’t they look cute! Little sheep!

Here’s Victoria, in the clothes she came home in:

Doesn’t she look sweet!

Auntie also took her measurements…..I wonder what is coming next? She’s an amazing knitter so who knows!