Knitted dress and accessories from Aunty ❤️

Well, it’s been a busy week, but yesterday we got to go to Knit and natter. It’s the first time that Victoria has been out, and her Aunts loved her, holding her and cooing over her!

Aunty (the one who bought the shoes and hats the other day) generously made Victoria a whole outfit! I hadn’t seen it, and I wasn’t aware it was finished until yesterday!

We put the outfit on her, and even introduced her to Aunty’s dog (who sadly, is very ill). She seemed to cheer up, momentarily.

Here’s some pictures:

The beautiful, hand made outfit. There’s also mittens but they’re not finished yet.


So, we had a lovely time!

I’m making a ear warmer for Victoria, and Aunty gave me some beautiful buttons to decorate it 🙂

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