OOTD and Asda baby clothes !

I changed Victoria today, into this:

I love the way she looks in this. I was surprised how well it fits because I thought it would be too big for her.

Then I went shopping with my friend….and I bought this lot:

It wasn’t too expensive! I changed Victoria into the roses set:

I’m really pleased with it! I hope the other sets look as lovely! I may buy her the little coat too! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m hoping that I have big news tomorrow! Stay tuned, lol!

Take care!



Hello! Welcome to my blog/about me

Hello World!!! – an introduction

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I am a 50-something who collects dolls, (the sort that you play with) loves stationery, reading, art and journal writing and embracing my Inner Child.

I decided to start this blog when I got my first Ashton Drake Doll. I kind of felt they went together!

I have 4 dolls at the moment – 1 Ashton Drake (Pretty as a Princess – otherwise known as Victoria Elizabeth) 1 NPK doll – Isabella Rose, (selling!) and One boy doll (about to sell) and one Girl doll (about to sell).

I enjoy watching videos on YouTube, mostly of unboxing, doll collectors, role play, and art stuff.

I don’t envisage getting a whole nursery full of dolls, though i would like a toddler and perhaps one more Ashton Drake doll.

If you have a question, feel free to ask. If you are a doll collector then do say hello – Im not a member of any community so would welcome people who are collectors etc.