yet another haul and a photo shoot !!

All the clothes that I bought recently!

I had a doll clothes trying on session yesterday, since I bought more clothes on Friday! I really should stop buying baby clothes. Im running out of room! storage is at a premium and its getting even harder with my new hobby!!! Im cramming everything into my workroom and its getting a little too cosy LOL!!

I hope you like the pictures. Here’s how I am storing my girls:

This is actually a wash basket, since it is the easiest and cheapest option. Of course Id love to have a proper cot to show them off in but I just don’t have the room!!!

How do you store/display your babies? Id love to know!!!

I watched a brilliant video by Raendom Reborns on Youtube, and in it she tells some important information on storing reborns.

The Video Link is :

She also links to some articles about the subject.The best one in my humble opinion is :

This one

I hope all this info helps! it helped me (my wash basket has holes and is covered with a muslin cloth to keep the plastic away from direct contact with my girls.)

take care!

7 thoughts on “yet another haul and a photo shoot !!

  1. your new dolls painted hair is lovely!
    I’m like you – don’t have a real cot/crib for my dolls, and they also get to sleep in a laundry basket ^^ At the moment, I have 2 babes in the laundry basket in the bedroom, and 3 babes on the sofa in my sewing room, with big girl Daisy standing guard.

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    1. Oh that’s brilliant Claire! I was beginning to think it was bad that my girls live in a laundry basket:) yes Aimee’s painted hair fascinates me! So much easier to deal with than Victoria’s hair! I’ve discovered I much prefer painted hair! 🙂

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