What I look for in a reborn doll (from a tag on YouTube)

I watched a video from Raendom Reborns about what she looks for in a reborn or silicone doll, and I thought I’d share what I look for too. Here’s the link to the video I watched:


Here’s what I look for, obviously it’s my own opinion, I’m aware that it’s a very personal choice:) :

I like life like dolls. My Ashton Drake doll is very much a doll. I now know what I like because I’ve got a reborn too.

First of all, I have to love the face. The eye lashes and eyebrows have to look natural, not stuck on or as though the eyebrows have been tattooed on 🙂

this is what I mean, natural:

This is the Gracie sculpt by Donna RuBert, reborn by Eternal Infants on eBay.

The hands

Detailing is really important to me. Lifelike hands, mottling and creases help to give the “real baby” look:

Same with the feet.

I really look at these details, because it seems you can tell a good paint job by them 😉

And finally, I’ve discovered I really don’t like mohair! So, I like painted hair, and obviously this is the simplest hair to look after! Done with care, it can be stunning. Again, I’ve used my Gracie sculpt to illustrate:

Also, the length and weight of the baby are important. Some people have mobility issues, and a heavy doll might not be a great idea in this case. I like them heavy, real babies can be quite chunky Lol!


I like bodies that are like this one.

The disc system for the limbs is my preferred type, because they give the limbs natural floppiness. The only gripe I have with my doll is that her body Is white. I’d have liked her to tone with the limbs, but I love her anyway, so it’s not a problem:)

Weighted limbs add to the realism too.

Magnets are not a deal breaker for me l I prefer to see my dolls face, I want to look at the artwork.

What do you look for in a doll, or what are your main ideals when creating a doll?

Do comment!

PS I wasn’t paid or anything to mention Eternal Infants or given any incentive for this post. I genuinely think they’re great artists!

You can find them on EBay.


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