Nurturing and memory

Well, I’m sorry I’ve been quiet, but I’ve been on holiday! We went to Norfolk. The caravan was freezing but apart from that we had a lovely time!

While away, my friend looked after Gabriel. I call her his Fairy Godmother!

So, I asked her how she got on with him, like, did she change him or whatever – She had previously bought him some onesies.

No, she hadn’t, but….she put him to bed at night, kept him warm, and out of sunlight. She carried him around and worked with her one free hand.

She was reminded of how she held her now grown up son, and did everything one handed (as you do!).

It’s funny, because I do this too….and it takes me back to when I used to have my son in one arm etc…..

So, we’ve noticed than nurturing is a natural thing. Picking a baby up in a certain way, and even speaking to them is inbuilt.

It’s very interesting! And Fairy Grandmother really enjoyed having him over 🙂

Interesting huh?

Here’s Gabriel Andrew: